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Specially curated playlists by Clubbed Thumb for your aural pleasure.

Share and share alike.

A fun selection of punny tracks from the days when we thought lockdown would only last two weeks.

A taster of Clubbed Thumbs signature club night which was also famed as the official after party for The Sesh in Hull.

The complete playlist from the Clubbed Thumb/DIG DJ set for Freedom Festival 2020's stay-at-home party.

Before Covid-19 hit Clubbed Thumb hosted a weekly Saturday night rock & roll party at The Polar Bear in Hull.
This is the taster.

The Black Delta Movement released their debut album in 2018. 
These are just some of the songs that inspired the record.

During lockdown Clubbed Thumb curated a playlist for online blog - PeopleRuinMusic consisting of what we consider to be 'essential listens'.

Clubbed Thumb is very proud to announce new addition of Alex Nicholson to the family so here's a playlist so you can get to know him.

The blues have shaped rock and roll and popular music as we know it.

Here's a small selection of some of the best songs in my humble opinion.

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